Quotes from Past Participants

Our seminar ratings average 4.5 on a 5-point scale; however, numbers seldom tell the whole story. Taken from seminar evaluation forms, these comments from our alumni show the value our participants place on their time spent with us. All quotes are used with permission by the participants.

"This two-day seminar was a helpful component in our launch of an enterprise-wide supply chain management initiative; we estimate IBM's total savings from all supply chain improvements at $1.3 Billion."

  Harold Blake, Director, Supply Chain Management

"Great class overall; the overall content and deep expertise of the faculty fostered interaction which created an industry-based supply chain management think tank!"

  Frederick Brown, Director
  JD Edwards

"Overall a great program and framework for effective decision making."

  Joe Machado, Vice President, Supply Chain and Intl Ops
  Matheson Tri-Gas

"The seminar provides a good, broad-based set of topics and a great balance between theoretical concepts and practical applications. I appreciate all of the real examples and very knowledgeable instructors."

  Walt Sledzieski, Vice President and General Manager

"Great relevance to today's marketplace, both in laying out strategies and how to make them happen."

  Keith Garmyn, Director of Operations
  Hunter Douglas

"Just the right balance of theoretical and practical; excellent job of tying it all together at the end and helping apply it to specific products."

  Marilyn Brown, Associate
  W. L. Gore & Associates

"The seminar helps remind you to think outside your own functional/company's box, and to keep in mind the critical importance of information sharing. I enjoyed the seminar very much, and I appreciated the small group environment."

 Mary Siep, Manager, Stores and Traffic
 Spirent Communications

"This program is both thought-provoking and relevant in focusing on supply chain opportunities. With an excellent group of presenters, it provided me with many ideas I can take back to my company."

  Sheila Chickene, Director of Supply Chain Management

"Excellent overview of supply chain management and how the integration of supply chains will differentiate the winners and losers in the 21st century. This seminar is a must for anyone and everyone responsible for leading change in an organization."

  Rich Tiu, Procurement Supply Chain Manager
  Agilent Technologies

"A sound overview of Integrated Supply Chain Management, balancing theoretical framework with real world examples and case studies - two days well spent!"

  Craig Mayer, Senior Director, Solutions Group
  DigitalESP, Inc.

"The seminar places supply chain management theories in perspective and gives them a practical framework - I feel I can start using the information and tools right away to improve supply chain management at my company."

  Filippo Mecacci, Fisher Liaison - Supply Chain Management
  Chiron Corporation

"The seminar offers a great macro perspective, with relevant topics and good Internet tie-ins."

  Chris Klein, Director, Materials and Logistics, Film Products Group

"Great program. Interesting insight into proven concepts and strategies used in an ever-changing, information-driven environment."

  Michele Hermann, Director of Supply Chain
  Logitech, Inc.

"This is a great seminar to find out challenges, opportunities, and how to improve the whole supply chain. Well worth it!"

  Rodolfo Schaefer, Director Latin America

"The program provides a broad, well-balanced overview of supply chain tools and practices."

  Fred Cliff, Director of Operations, OEM Supply Chain

"A wealth of knowledge which could be used or adapted across the entire organization."

  Noli Delos Santos, Operations Manager
  Adtech, Inc.

"Exactly the subject matter and relevant real-world examples that will help Springs transition into the e-world!"

  Ron Lordo, Director of Strategic Planning - Purchasing
  Springs Industries, Inc.

"Encourages you to measure supply chain efficiencies and think of innovative strategies in a participative, intellectually stimulating, and fun environment."

  Amol Joshi, Director, Global Alliances
  Demantra Inc.

"The seminar shows the value of the supply chain process to improve service, cut costs, and increase the flow of information to boost supplier to customer relations."

  Dave Moore, Vice President
  Raymond Express International, Inc.

"The program provides comprehensive coverage of supply chain management, including strategy, implementation, and organizational issues."

  Vijay Sakhrani, Business Analyst
  Xpedior, Inc.

"Excellent overview of high-level strategies for supply chain management."

  Jan Nicholas, Enterprise Analyst

"A compelling analysis of supply chain execution strategies that will allow for competitive advantages."

  Rick Lelli, Vice President of Operations
  Archibald Candy Corporation (Fannie May and Fanny Farmer)

"Good overall view of Supply Chain Management. Excellent speakers with a vast knowledge of the subject. Enjoyable seminar."

  Sam Croft, Project Manager
  Boeing Commercial Airplanes

"The quality and relevance of the information was excellent."

  Marvin Mackey, Sr. Director, Advanced Mfg. and Global Quality
  Xircom Corporation

"A powerful insight to challenges in tomorrow's supply chain."

  Korkut Yuregir, Unit Manager

"A well-organized, comprehensive learning experience."

  Craig McDonel, Supply Chain Management Manager

"The supply chain integration concepts and examples discussed during the seminar were very clear and precise. These concepts can be applied to a variety of industries ranging from consumer products to high technology."

  Alfredo Gonzalez, Director, Technical Operations
  Gillette - Oral-B Laboratories

"The seminar provides a great overview with the appropriate amount of depth."

  Mike Destein, Sr. Product Manager
  Active Software

"The seminar was a good refresher and reminder that supply chain management is a company's competitive advantage."

  Denise McNair, Director, Materials EBIM Div.

"Excellent cohesive package of Supply Chain concepts, bringing many different principles into one interrelated framework."

  David Rinke, Demand Management
  Rockwell Semiconductor Systems

"The presentations and discussions were informative and inspirational. I came away with tools and concepts I can apply at my company."

  Rich Barboza, Microwave Instruments Division

"The sharing of knowledge between various industry leaders and the academic community in one forum was invaluable. This type of environment is the R&D lab of our future workforce."

  Erika Lovett, Microwave Instruments Division

"For a project manager responsible for implementation of a system of products, it was very relevant and interesting to learn about supply chain challenges and techniques."

  Gregg Cashen, Operations Director
  Lucent Technologies

"I wish I had brought my customers to this, as logistics/supply chain management will be the key to gain competitive advantage for the rest of the decade and beyond -- great forum, great opportunity."

  Tom Temple, Director, Sales and Marketing
  Plum Creek Timber

"This seminar gives a comprehensive vision of the important role supply chain management plays from R&D though the entire product life cycle."

  Roger Hitchcock, Director of Operations