Competing Supply Chains

Competition in the new Millennium is across supply chains, not individual companies. Is your company's supply chain prepared? Are you sharing and coordinating information flows for maximum benefit?
"Tremendous amount of practical learning in a short period of time."

Moshen Moazami, Principal
Kurt Salmon Associates
Is product design linked to supply chain considerations? Are your supplier and outsourcing strategies coordinated? Do you and your partners have performance measures in place to measure true supply chain effectiveness? Is your organizational structure inhibiting successful supply chain management? What will be the effect of the Internet on your supply chain? With an integrated supply chain management system in place, you can answer these questions confidently. You can simultaneously improve customer service and reduce inventories across the chain. What's more, if you integrate supply chain concepts into your product development and design plans early on, you'll gain economic and competitive advantage throughout the entire product life cycle.

Why Attend

If you are interested in learning how to leverage supply chain management across your entire enterprise, our seminars will present the latest thinking on this critical business model. Renowned speakers from Stanford University, Washington University-St. Louis, and the University of California at Berkeley discuss how to integrate your company's activities across the entire supply chain - from acquisition of raw materials and purchased components through fabrication, assembly, test, and distribution of finished goods. Speakers will stress practical concepts to avoid "silo-type behavior" and emphasize cross-functional approaches to supply chain management, including marketing, sales, research & development, finance and accounting, manufacturing/operations, and information technology. Presentations will describe approaches to managing complex, geographically dispersed manufacturing and distribution systems which produce and deliver products and services to customers.

What does Supply Chain Seminars offer over other programs?

Supply Chain Seminars has a nine-year track record in executive education in supply chain management; exceptional reviews, evaluations, and testimonials by more than 500 participants demonstrate our dedication to providing the best forum of its kind. The relationships we build with our alumni keep us on the cutting edge as new technologies and trends develop. Those relationships also help us tailor programs to the needs of our customers and lead the evolution of this exciting field. Our faculty are drawn from both business schools and management science/engineering disciplines with a wide range of experience and technical knowledge; they have consistently achieved outstanding evaluation ratings of 4.5 out of 5. Our one- to three-day programs fit easily into demanding schedules, and by limiting class size we provide an unsurpassed level of interaction between participants and faculty.